How To Get Rid Of A Cough ( # 10 Natural Home Remedies)

You may often see people coughing around you. Sometimes it hits you too when you are suffering from a viral/bacterial infection or the common cold. Coughing is not a disease itself. It is a response of the body, which signifies an underlying condition.

For different cases, this condition is different. For example, it can be a common cold infection, lung diseases, smoking outcome etc. (1)

A cough can be due to an allergenic reaction. If you are sure that you aren’t allergic to anything that may cause a cough, the cough is surely representing an unseen infection. Fortunately, sometimes cough doesn’t need a treatment. There are certain home-based remedies that may help you to get rid of a cough. You can even treat chronic, persistent cough at home by using these natural remedies.

Here is a list of # 10 natural home ingredients that helps you to get rid of a cough and congestion.

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# 1 : Honey and Lemon mix

One of the oldest remedial agents, honey is the best home remedy for a sore throat and cough. It is even proven by research that honey soothes the skin in a better way than over the counter syrups. (2)

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If you combine honey in your tea, or simply add it to warm water with lemon (for enhancing flavor), it is an instant mix of chronic cough. Honey and lemon both work best for a cough and congestion both.

Using it thrice a day for only 2-3 days will give you complete relief from a cough.

# 2 : Turmeric

The good old turmeric is not just a spice but also one of the best natural remedies for bacterial and viral infections that cause a cough. It has curcumin as its major ingredient. Curcumin is loaded with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, together which make turmeric the best treatment for a cough. (3)

To use turmeric for a cough, take a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it with an equal amount of carom seeds. Boil it in one cup of water and turn the flame off when it remains half. Add honey to it and take it thrice a day for a chronic cough.

# 3 : Ginger

A cough related to cold and allergy often causes irritation in the throat. It is necessary to clean the throat by using a remedial agent. Ginger is one such ingredient that has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. That is why you will often see ginger as an ingredient in herbal cough syrups. (4)

You can make your own ginger syrup at home by boiling ginger in water. Add honey before taking it. You may also like to chew the clean, raw ginger pieces. It ideally takes 2-3 days for ginger to completely end a cough.

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# 4 : Garlic

Many people confuse garlic and ginger. For a cough, both ginger and garlic are helpful. Garlic has allicin as its major ingredient, which gives it anti-microbial, properties. It also boosts the immune system and helps the body to fights against bacteria and virus that cause a cough. (5)

If you want to try garlic to get rid of a persistent cough, take few cloves of it and boil it in water. Add one-teaspoon oregano in it. Add honey when you plan to consume this mix. Use it twice a day for three days to treat all types of a cough.

# 5 : Onion

Ever though onions could be a remedial ingredient? Yes, despite the pungent smell and burning in eyes, onion juice is an effective remedy for a cough. You can even prepare your own cough syrup from onion juice. (6)

Take half-teaspoon onion juice and one teaspoon of organic honey, use this twice a day for three days. It will make your cough go in 2 days.

# 6 : Carrot juice

Probably this is the only delicious thing that works for a cough. Carrots are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that can help relieve various types of a cough. Take 4-5 carrots, clean them, soak and boil them in water. Add one-teaspoon honey and consume it thrice a day.

Your cough will go in a matter of days and that’s not all. Your body will get a quick boost of nutrients which will make your immunity better, strengthen your eyesight and make your skin glow.

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# 7 : Lemon

Lemon is a highly nutritious fruit that is rich in vitamin C. It helps to reduce the internal inflammation and provides protection against microbial attacks.(7) Only by using one spoon honey in spoon lemon juice, you will see better results than cough syrups. Use it thrice a day to get rid of an old persistent cough.

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# 8 : Grapes

Grapes are one of our favorite fruits. It has a high nutritional as well as medicinal value. Eating grapes will make your cough vanish but a better remedy is to use grapes juice.

If you are using fresh grapes, blend them and make a paste. Add honey and take one spoon of it every 3-4 hours. Grapes have the ability to release the blocked mucus from affected part of respiratory system. Once the mucus is thrown out of the throat, cough eventually vanishes.

# 9 : Hot Milk

Milk is never taken seriously for its medicinal properties but in reality, it is part of many remedies. For a cough, warm milk makes a perfect cough syrup when you add honey or turmeric in it. for better, add both of them.

Take this milk before you go to bed. It will end your cough, relief throat by de-congesting it. Also, the analgesic property of honey and turmeric will make your throat pain better

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# 10 : Cayenne pepper

A pepper for treating cough at home may not sound like a real deal but cayenne pepper is not just any pepper. It is an excellent choice for healing a sore throat, congestion, and cough at home.

Take 1-4 teaspoon cayenne pepper. Add the same amount of ground ginger, 1 tablespoon organic honey and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Mix it well and add 2-3 tablespoon of water to make it an edible.

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This is your very own natural cough syrup made by using cayenne pepper. Take it two to three times a day till you start feeling better. Stop using it when your cough disappears.

Final Thoughts

All of these remedies are soothing for the throat. These ingredients are very simple and you will find most of them at home. Even if you don’t have them at home with you, you can easily buy them from the nearest store.

All these remedial agents for a cough are common food ingredients. They will not cause a side effect unless you take an enormous amount of them. Start using any one of these remedies when you have a cough. Using two or three at a time will not bring any results, rather they may not affect you at all.

Ideally, you should select one and start using it. In any case, you feel that it is not working for you, you may try another and so on. Do not try all of these at once. Also, do not use these remedies and a natural cough syrup that has same ingredients. Do not use them when your cough is gone.

These remedies are a great help when you don’t have access to medicines or don’t want to use them. Remember all these remedies work in 2-3 days. If they don’t work at this time, change the remedy and try any other. If your cough continues for more than one week, without getting any better, it is recommended to consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible.



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